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The aviation industry is a complex and everchanging sector, involving substantial asset investment. The sector is characterised by constant development driven by innovation and the growth of new technologies. This context exposes the different actors to various evolving risks and challenges in line with the evolution of the industry.

ALTIUS offers a wide range of innovative, cost-efficient solutions suited to different clients including airlines, private flight operators, airport operators, aeronautical contractors, pilots and crew.

Sectors & Industries

Private and Commercial Aircraft.


Airports / Airport Services.

Air Traffic Controlers.

Pilots and Crew.

Aerospace Industry.

Products & Coverages

Hull and Equipment.

Hull War and Kidnapping.

Hull and Equipment Liability for Lenders / Leasing.

Aeronautical and Products Liability.

Air Terminals Liability (ARIEL).

Aeronautical Contractors Liability.

Personal Accident (Pilots, Crew and Passengers).

Loss of Licence.

Air Traffic Controllers.

Unmanned Aircraft/Drones.



Our brokerage, claim administration and consultancy services are based on our experience, market knowledge, information, and technology to help you to better quantify and administrate risk.