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Financial Services

Driven by technology and globalisation, different financial industries have experienced significant transformation in the last decades. This change promotes the appearance of new risks and threats such as cybercrime, or shifts in traditional sector risks such as theft, fraud or employee infidelity due to new methods and criminal schemes.

Our team has the capability and experience with which to advise both clients directly involved in the financial sector and professionals from other industries which require coverage with regard to professional indemnity, or cybernetic crime or risk in a dynamic and changing context.

Sectors & Industries

Financial Entities.

Commercial Firms.

Professionals (Lawyers, Architects, Contractors).

Health Professionals.

Technological Businesses.

Products & Coverages

Directors and Officers (D&O).

Commercial Crime/Employee Practices Liability.

Comprehensive Banking Insurance (BBB).

Professional Indemnity (PI) / Errors and Omissions (E&O).

Medical Malpratice (Med Mal).



Our brokerage, claim administration and consultancy services are based on our experience, market knowledge, information, and technology to help you to better quantify and administrate risk.