Solutions / Contingency


Our team counts with the experience and access to markets specialising in coverages for contingency related losses. In general terms this coverage is aimed at the the entertainment and showbusiness industries.

At the same time, we offer customised programmes for the audiovisual industry (Cinema, TV and media), which offer integral cover for the risks inherent in this industry.

We also have access to the principal markets covering prize payments, which provides coverages for different kinds of gaming and betting activity.

Sectors & Industries

Entertainment Industry.



Products & Coverages

Event Cancellation.

Spectator liability.

Prizes / Draws / Bets.

Cancellation of Publicity Campaigns.

Audiovisual / Filming Productions.


Our brokerage, claim administration and consultancy services are based on our experience, market knowledge, information, and technology to help you to better quantify and administrate risk.