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The marine industry is exposed to a variety of risks which range from climatic phenomena and accidents, to claims for contamination and other responsibilities. Each of the actors in the sector (shipowners and operators, freight forwarders, investors, port authorities and operators, maritime contractors, sports ports, yacht owners, shipyard builders and repairers, amongst others) require different coverage needs according to their area of activity.

Our team embodies the expertise and access to different worldwide markets in marine insurance with which to advise our clients as to the product which best suits their operation.

Sectors & Industries

Commercial Hulls /Merchant Navy.

Fishing boats.



Passenger Transport.

Port Terminals.

Marine Contractors.

Shipyards / Repairers.

Tourism Operators/ Research.

Dredging / Offshore-Coastal Construction.

Pleasure Boats.

Products & Coverages

Hull and Machinery.

War Hull and Machinery.

Protection and Indemnity (Pandi).

Marine Liability.

Port Terminals.

Shipyard / Repairers Liability.

Port Contractors (Workers, Dockers, Shipowners, Divers etc.) Liability.


Our brokerage, claim administration and consultancy services are based on our experience, market knowledge, information, and technology to help you to better quantify and administrate risk.