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International commerce has been the cradle for various centuries. Today, in a globalised, interdependent, and dynamic world, transport and logistics are especially relevant and vital in ensuring the development of the worldwide economy.

We provide assistance and advice on programmes and coverage against damage to the cargo load both during transit or stayovers (transitory or prolonged), and against claims from third parties based on inherent responsibilities incurred by each of the actors in the chain of logistics.

Sectors & Industries

General Cargo.

Commodities / Raw Materials.

Oil and Refined Products.

Perishables / Foods.

Pharmaceutical Industry / Medicine.

Capital Goods/Machinery/Equipment.

Products & Coverages


Stock Throughput (STP).

Project Cargo.

Logistical Operators/ Freight Forwarders Casualty.



Our brokerage, claim administration and consultancy services are based on our experience, market knowledge, information, and technology to help you to better quantify and administrate risk.